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phonesheriff boxPhonesheriff is the last cell phone monitoring software created by Retina X studios (the creators of Mobile spy). This cell phone spy app is very similar to Mobile spy however it is specifically tailored for monitoring your children, spouse and also your employees. Are you concerned that your child is getting into activities such as sexting (sending sexual explicit text messages, photos or videos), skipping school or talking to the wrong people. If he or she has a mobile then Phonesheriff maybe right for you. This is because you can effectively curb undesirable behavior or activities of your children and teens by keeping abreast of their mobile phone activities. When used for this purpose people typically refer to it as a cell phone parental control app.

Another scenario in which this application can be used is inside your business. Do you suspect your employee is abusing his or her mobile privileges or maybe he or she being involved in co corporate espionage? If this is the case then installing a good mobile phone keylogger will let you know exactly what is going on. If you take the time to review this page you will start to see the benefits of PhoneSheriff. There is also a 25%discount we are offering which you will be able to take advantage of by visiting our coupon page .

PhoneSherriff Reviews- Cell phone parental controls and monitoring

If you are unfamiliar with this type of technology then let’s bring you up to scratch. A cell phone monitor is an application which is installed onto a cellular for the sole purpose of secretly spying on that phone’s activities. Some of the typical features of this type of service are sms interception (you will see all text messages sent and received), call logging and also gps tracking (you will be provided with a map of the exact location of the phone). Therefore, by using these features you will no longer have a reason to secretly look through the person’s phone for incriminating evidence. You can sit back and play dumb while everything plays out as Phonesheriff keeps an eye on the phone for you. When you need to know what is going on you could just log on to your account via the web and all the information will be there at your disposal.

As you can imagine the primary focus of the majority of mobile phone monitoring applications is surveillance. However, since Phonesheriff is also a cell phone parental control app, it goes a bit further in which you can actually control the phone being monitored. For example you can block the mobile from dialing and receiving calls of certain numbers and much more. Therefore if you do not want your teenager communicating with that dead beat boyfriend you can at least stop it via this form of communication.

What are the features you will be getting with Phone Sheriff?

Below is a brief description of all the key features of this mobile phone keylogger:

  • Communication Logging: This function includes the ability to spy on all sms messages content; all calls dialed and received as well urls (web pages) visited.
  • Personal data logging: All photos taken and also contacts added will be logged whether there are removed from the cell phone subsequently. This is one of the major forms of cell phone parental control especially if you would like to cut out sexting.
  • PhoneSheriff’s gps tracking: Now you can know the exact location of the phone via GPS (global positioning) tracking. When you log onto Phonesheriff and request the particular cell phone’s position you will receive a map of the area and a marker telling you exactly which part it is.  Now if your child, spouse or employee is somewhere they are not suppose to be, you will know. The only thing you need to ensure is that the phone is GPS enabled.
  • Mobile parental controls: PhoneSheriff allows you to be able to filter and block any text messages or calls from a particular number. You can also lock this mobile if desired remotely and subsequently if this phone is stolen you can also receive information detailing the new sim card.

As you may realize it is a lot of bang for buck when compared to other services which will cost you over $100.00USD per year. For just $66.75USD (with our special discount offer on the right) it will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on the circumstance you are dealing with. Also you need to be aware that Phonesheriff now offers tablet monitoring capabilities which is excellent for those children walking around with tablet computers.

For more detailed information about Phone Sheriff please

How does Phonesheriff work?

By , April 28, 2011 11:40 pm

Let’s discuss a little about how Phonesheriff works. In other articles on this website you would have been given a general idea or bits and pieces of how the system works. In this article we will attempt to tie up any loose ends by dealing with the whole concept of using this product. This will be from when you purchase the cell phone monitoring software until you are fully utilizing its features like a pro. Don’t worry this mobile phone spy is very easy to work with and the instructions are straight forward. You do not need to be a techie to get it working and if you have any questions and queries give customer service a call. ( for the customer support number and additional information)

Everything begins with you deciding to use this software (whether for cell phone parental control or otherwise) and then initiating to purchase it from online. After you have made the purchase you will be sent an email with the confirmation of your order and complete details on how to go about installing and setting up this spy app. The first part will be creating a user account on the Phonesheriff’s web site and password. This will allow you to get into a control panel in which all of your information and details will be stored. After you set up the account the next step to get Phone sheriff working is to install this application onto the mobile you are targeting.

By following the instructions included in your email about the particular phone you will have it downloaded in no time. Once it is downloaded then you will need to run the setup file and configure it appropriately. This is nothing difficult just the password settings, account settings and any restrictions you will like on that particular mobile etc. After this is completed the only thing needed is for you to select the option to hide the interface and that is it. The only evidence that will remain is the Phone sheriff  icon and you will delete that.


cell phone spy software


Now you are ready to start monitoring your employee or child or teen cell phone activity. If you take a look at the diagram above you will have a better grasp of how this cell phone spy application works. It remains hidden in the background continuously monitoring the mobile phone.

Information is gathered and sent via the internet to the Phonesheriff’s web server. You now as the parent, spouse or employer will log onto your account and you will see all the activity presented to you. Every type of activity is separated into a different category for ease of use. It can’t get much simpler. If you are interested in testing this app out then you should take a look at our free trial offer. It is for a limited time so hurry before it is gone

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Is Phone sheriff legal?

Is Phonesheriff legal or illegal?

By , April 27, 2011 11:34 am

The first question which is usually asked about this product is whether Phonesheriff is legal or illegal. Well you do not have to worry because this particular cell phone monitoring software is legal. If it wasn’t the software development company who created it would have been closed down years ago. This product is similar to any other tool you know; therefore the owner is who really determines whether it will be used legally or not. There are two main reasons why people would use Phonesheriff. The first reason is as a cell phone parental control. This deals with parents who would like to monitor and control their child’s mobile phone in order to curb certain behaviours. The second major use is to spy on an employee’s cell phone usage for abuse or maybe company espionage etc. There are a variety of reasons for using Phone Sheriff but these are the major two.

The key thing about both of these situations is that you are the owner of the mobile in both instances. This is very important because if you attempt to install a cell phone spy app like Phonesheriff onto some else (an adult) phone then that will likely be illegal. There are some areas which is perfectly legal to use a mobile phone spy to keep an eye on your spouse but that is only in certain areas (countries and states). In terms of children who are at an age under 18 there are no restrictions in parents monitoring their phone. When there are over 18 then you should let them know you are keeping tabs on there phone usage.

In the instance of a company as an employer you need to inform your employee that their company issued mobile phone will be monitored. This should be in a written notification so it is well documented. If you are still unsure then as an employer you should seek additional advice from a legal professional.

Your best safe guard which will prevent you from being on the wrong side of the law is always to seek legal advice first.


Phone sheriff purchase

Phone Sheriff discount offer 25% off your favourite cell phone monitoring software

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Typically if you were to purchase Phone Sheriff from another website you would have to pay $89.00USD. However for our valued readers we will be giving you a minimum of 25% discount on the purchase. Therefore instead of paying full price you will actually pay $66.75 USD. Phone sheriff is the most popular cell phone spy app on the market today. It can be used to do virtually anything which deals with mobile surveillance and this includes monitoring texts messages, gps locations, websites visited and much more. It can also be used as a form of cell phone parental control because it can actually be used to lock the mobile remotely, block certain numbers from calling the cell phone, set schedules in which the phone will be operable etc.

Unlike its competitors it really offers the individual a wider scope in terms of surveillance and also controls. If you want to take advantage of this special 25% offer then the only thing you would have to do is go. This would automatically add the voucher to the Phonesheriff shopping cart and you can proceed with your purchase. The screen which pop up would look like the one below and you would notice the discount code spymonitor 25 circled. If you decide to do some more reading on the website that is fine because the discount would be saved on your smart device until you are ready.

phonesheriff discount offer

Monitoring kids text messages | A short how to guide on text message monitoring

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monitoring kids text messagesIf you could monitor your kids text messages without them knowing, what do you think you will discover? If as a parent you can read their text messages do you think there will be any benefits? Although we would like to believe as parents our children and teens are going down the right path sometimes friends, family and peer pressure might lead them down a different road. That is life and as parents or guardians it is our duty to ensure that they are not being lead astray. In terms of guidance it is pretty difficult because you do not know where they stand.

This is why monitoring kids text messages is so important because you will know where they are and who are the negative influences you should watch out. When it comes to reading a teen or child’s sms communication it is best to use some type of cell phone surveillance software. The main reason for this is due to the fact that the messages especially incriminating ones may be deleted before you can get a chance to look at them. However by using special text message monitoring software you will be able to read them secretly and securely without your child having a clue what is going on. These apps are definitely a small inexpensive way to keep an eye on your children.

How does text message monitoring software works?

In terms of use, these monitoring apps are pretty simple; you first have to create an account with at the apps website in which all records captured are sent to you for viewing. You will then have to install the program on the child’s cell phone itself which usually take a few minutes. After that, it is just a matter of sitting back and waiting and every single sms communication will be captured and then sent to you for your viewing. Since the account is on the web it means that you will have access to it providing you are in an area with internet access. Therefore if you are out of town you will know exactly what is going on.

What is the best app to monitor your kids text messages?

In terms of software Phone Sheriff is one of the best out there. It offers full parental controls for cell phones which means you can monitor kids text messages; track your kids cell phone via gps tracking; block certain numbers from calling and texting the mobile and more. Therefore you will have a better idea and control of what is going on with your child’s life, instead of relying on monitoring their text messages alone.

If you would like to find out more information about PhoneSheriff

Ipad spy software guide -Your resource for killer programs to keep watch on ipad usage

By , September 8, 2013 12:18 pm

Are you looking to monitor an ipad activities but you are not sure which app to choose from? Well it is true that there are a number of apps now on the market to choose from. As a result we compiled a list of the best available right now in this review. When utilising any of the three ipad spy apps below you are certain to acquire reliability, efficiency and excellent support. The choice now is really determined by the features you wish to carry and the price you are willing to pay. Peektab provides the basics which can get the job done especially with the function to track the ipad location. It is pretty cost effective and can be quite effective depending on the usage of the tablet.

At the other end of the spectrum now is Mspy which is the most advance spy app available. It offers its users the same features as Peektab but goes pass this significantly with features such as whatsapp monitoring and ipad bugging. You will pay additional for this functionality but on the flip side you would be able to acquire a lot more in terms of information. Below is a table showing a side by side comparison of each of the tablet monitoring programs so that you can make a decision on which is best.


peektab box1

phonesheriff box2

mspy box





SMS MONITORING image1  image1 image1
GPS TRACKING image1 image1  image1
WEB HISTORY MONITORING image1 image1 image1
CONTACT DETAILING  image1 image1 image1
PHOTO LOGGING image1 image1 image1
CALENDER EVENTS image1 image1  image1
EMAIL INTERCEPTION image1 image1 image1
IMESSAGE LOGGING image1 image1 image1
VIDEO LOGGING image1 image1
 STARTING AT  $29.95  $49.95  $49.95
download321 download321  download321

How to track your child’s tablet location to know where he or she is?

By , September 6, 2013 10:58 am

tablet pc tracker tool

As more teenagers are given tablets by their parents; so as the demand for tablet tracking programs which could be used to ascertain where he or she is at any point of time. These days are rough and as a mother or father you need as much help as possible to guide your kid’s effectively. When it comes to children, knowledge is the key to raising them successfully. For example, it is difficult to tackle a drug issue if you do not know there is a problem. As a result knowing where he or she is at all time would definitely help with your cause. After all, once you know that your child is going somewhere he is not suppose to; then you can step in as the adult and try to resolve this issue. Many parents know this and do not hesitate to acquire this type of tracking technology.

Although it may seem like something off of a spy movie tracking software for tablets is relatively easy to implement. It requires basic skills in which you would need to know how to install a regular program on the tablet first. Providing you can do that then everything will run smooth from there. You would need to register and download the app from its respective website. This generally takes about five minutes and then you need to install the program onto the smart device. You would be looking at an additional five minutes and you may require a code to activate the service. As gps coordinates are recorded that data is sent to your tablet spy account. From there the data is converted to a map in which you can read and determine the position of the unit for yourself. It is pretty straight forward but anything can have hiccups.

Now when it comes to tracking your child’s tablet pc we recommend you take a look at Peektab first. This compact, affordable parental monitoring program does not only allow you to locate the device but also spy on tablet activities. For example, websites visited,  photos taken, calendar events, text messages sent or received and more. The spy app starts at around 30 bucks per subscription keeping it in the reach of most persons. If you want to find out more then you would need to go. The main website is pretty intuitive but if there is a question which you are aching to ask them then it is best that you give them a call. All of the necessary information to do so is available on the website’s homepage.

Top Tablet monitoring software for parents and business people

By , September 6, 2013 10:34 am

spying on my daughters tablet

The increasing popularity of tablet monitoring software is due to the great explosion of tablet usage today. These smart devices easily replace the major functionality of the computer and laptop which we use. Mobile pcs are also smaller, lighter and easier to carry. There is no surprise that from this;  more parents are giving their children tablets. Also, you are seeing a rise in these devices purchased by organisations. As a result, it is becoming necessary to employ tablet spy software to get a peek into the person’s activities. This type of software allow you view certain activities that the person is doing without their knowledge.

Some basic features include tracking the tablets location, sms messages, web browser usage and more. Presently this technology is compatible with two types of operating systems which is Android and the ipad o/s. If you do not have either of these types of tablets, then you won’t find a program that would allow you to do the monitoring you intended to. Spying on an ipad requires that you must jailbreak it prior to the installation. You must be careful however; because jailbreaking an ipad may be illegal in your area. Therefore, it is best to ask a question prior, than to run yourself in trouble later down the road.

Once you are certain about everything then you can go ahead and choose an app to monitor the tablet. Some things which you must take into consideration are features, price and reputation. In general features determine how much you would pay for a tablet spy app. In other words, the more you want to keep track of the more you will have to pay for it. The next is a good reputation which gives you an idea upfront of the reliability of the product. In general we find persons either want the basics or advance functionality and in this review we will look at two top products in both categories.

Our first recommended option name is Peektab. This app comes from the Retinax design house which has been around since 2003 and is known for titles such as Mobile spy and Sniperspy. The app covers the basic functions needed for your surveillance such as sms interception, gps tracking, web history; apps surveillance; photo logging; contact information and calendar events. The price start at 30 bucks which is in the range of most persons’ pockets. After the subscription is paid, it is possible to start spying on the tablet pc you are interested in within minutes. To learn more or even purchase you can visit Peektab website if you go. You can also call them for any of your queries.

Mspy is the next tablet monitoring application which is much more robust than Peek tab. After installed you would be able to block apps, specific url’s and incoming calls. In terms of surveillance Mspy allows the user to track Whatsapp messenger, Skype chats and calls, call history, videos, photos, imessages, sms messages, contacts, memos, events. There is also a special function which allow you to use the tablet as a bug to listen to its surroundings. The price fetch a higher value of starting at 50 bucks but you do get what you pay. Do you want to ask more questions or purchase then you would need to go.

Most desirable iphone spy apps – A brief tutorial on which software to consider when thinking about monitoring an iphone

By , March 10, 2013 11:21 am

spy app for iphone

An iphone spy app is a monitoring program for the Apple smart phone which can capture the activities of the device without the user’s knowledge. It is commonly used by parents who need to know what their children are doing or managers who would like a better grip of their staff members. In both of these situations you could be almost be certain that you would get the results you wish, providing you choose the correct program for the job. You are probably wondering which spy app for iphone is good for the job. Well it comes down to what the user of the iphone does.

 For instance if the individual uses whatsapp or immesage extensively then it would not make any sense purchasing software which lacks those features. Likewise, if the person uses text messaging exclusively you could save a few bucks by acquiring a more basic iphone keylogger program. In general however; we recommend that you use a program which could at least monitor text messages, whatsapp chat and also track the iphone’s location. With these three features employed you are almost certain to acquire the majority of information you are looking for.

 Before it comes time to implement any iphone spy app you must ensure two requirements are met. The first one is physical access to the iphone in question because without this the software could not be installed. Secondly, you need to jailbreak the iphone if that has not been done already. This is because these types of programs are not available at the apple store but through cydia. In other words if you do not have the device jailbroken then this technology would not work on the smart phone. Once that is confirmed you can go ahead with your choice in software.

mobile spy software

 The first one we suggest to our readers name is Mobile spy. In terms of experience and age this iphone spy vendor has been around the surveillance industry since 2003. Some of the features promoted include the ability to track the smart device, text messages, imessages, websites browsed, photos taken and the list goes on. For just around 50 bucks it would be possible to secure a subscription. If you need some additional perks then you could pay 100 dollars and have the ability to track three smart phones simultaneously and also acquire Sniperspy which is a very powerful computer monitoring program. In order to learn more simply visit

mobistealth pro

 The next program to look at is Mobistealth which have similar features to Mobile spy however; it comes with the ability to bug the iphone’s surroundings. This means that you would be able to listen in on what is happening in the background.It is a really neat feature to discover if someone is doing something he or she is not suppose to. The cost for this iphone spy app starts at just $39.95USD for a subscription which is cheaper than its competitor. If you are interested then take a look at for more details.   


Top Android phone spy apps – A concise review on the most common programs used to track an Android phone

By , March 9, 2013 7:58 pm

android phone spy

In the realm of cell phone monitoring technology it is no surprise that Android spy apps took the lead over the others in development. This is not only due to its popularity as a smart phone but also the ease of programming this operating system. Therefore you would find that any new features typically appear for Android smart phones before any others on the market today. When implemented correctly these programs gives the person utilising them an open door into the life of the person who is being monitored. Virtually anything can be viewed or listened to depending on the vendor chosen.

So how do I go about selecting a good spy app for an android smart phone?

Well the answer really lies in the person’s usage. In selecting any smart phone spy software you should at least have an idea of the way the person utilises their cell phone. In that way you could decided to go with minimal features or more advance. Generally, when dealing with android spy software it is best that you ensure the software purchased could monitor whatsapps chat. The reason being is that this is now replacing text messages which means that most conversations are occurring through this service. If the person isn’t utilising it presently then eventually he or she would move towards this messenger service. Therefore when choosing any software please make sure that this is included.

Other than that, you must ensure that the respective android phone has some form of online connectivity so way you would be able to received the spy data either through email or some other special account set up by the vendor.

What are the best options available right now?

For anyone who is looking for an inexpensive surveillance solution then no other software can beat mobile spy. It comes with some of the most popular features you would need to spy on android phone. This includes the ability to track text messages, emails, social media, whatsapp messenger, contact information and more. In terms of customer service then you would be enlightened to know that it offers phone support in order to quickly serve its customers. The icing on the cake however; is the Sniperspy which is a computer monitoring program which is available with the yearly subscription. The cost starts as low as $49.95USD and depends on the subscription. For further information simply visit

A more powerful program is known as stealthgenie. This program comes with similar features to Mobile spy but with two major exceptions. The first one is the ability to listen in on the surroundings of the mobile by turning on the mic. This is also known as cell phone bugging and has become pretty popular. The other is known as tapping and it allows you to listen in on the phone conversations. For more details on this powerhouse goto go to its main website.

Top rated whatsapps spy apps – Your manual to monitoring Whatsapp chat on a cell phone

By , March 9, 2013 5:51 pm


The creation of Whatsapp spying software was inevitable due to the popularity of this messenger service today. Sometimes, you may even see these programs under the general category of cell phone monitoring or spy software. The main purpose of these apps are to record the correspondences and other particulars on someone’s smart phone. As a result your typical whatsapp spy app is capable of not only monitoring this service but other communications such as text messages or emails sent or received by the cell phone. Therefore the software user would have a number of activities which he could utilise to make a determination of what is going on with the person being monitored.

 It just takes a few minutes to install the program and you do not have to be concerned about how difficult it is to actually put a whatsapp monitoring app into operation. This is due to the fact that these programs operate like any regular program in which you download and install. The only difference maybe is within the configurations which would be adapted to spying on whatsapp messenger however; even that is pretty intuitive. With respect to conditions the only thing which you need for the operation of this type of software is an internet connection on the phone. This maybe either wifi or a data service and this is the most important condition because all of the information is forwarded to you either via email or some other form which needs internet access.

 What is the most suitable app for me?


Presently, if you are looking for a whatsapp spy app with good value for your money then look no further than Mobile spy. For just 50 bucks you would be able to do a lot including monitoring sms message, phone calls, websites visited, photos taken, videos taken, social media (facebook and twitter), gps location etc. The best part is that this software could be used to track up to three devices. This makes the whole surveillance process quite affordable for those parents who have a number of children they wish to keep their eye on. The price range is from 50 bucks and upward.For more details go you would need to visit


Another perfect application which is also available is known as Stealthgenie. It is a more advance program than Mobile spy but the additional  perks are definitely worth it. In terms of monitoring features the core functions are similar to its competitor with the major exception of social media surveillance. Stealthgenie however; has the capability to bug a smart phone (listen in on the surroundings) and also tap phone conversations of Android. These two functions right now are some of the most coveted around today which boasts the power of this whatsapp spy app. If you are interested in finding out more then you should goto go to its official website.

Whatsapp interceptor software – How you can easily intercept Whatsapp coversations?

By , April 9, 2012 6:04 pm

whatsapp spy software

Intercepting Whatsapp messenger conversations from a mobile phone is not that difficult at all once you have the right app for the job. Child cell phone monitoring technology is rapidly changing as the market does and since this messenger service is becoming so popular it make sense to give parents the ability to spy on the Whatsapp chat of their kids. Before, monitoring their text messages and bbm would be sufficient. However, that is not in all cases presently. This is why more parents are utilizing Whatsapp interceptor technology as a means of tracking their children’s conversations. In that way the adult would know what is occurring and could easily deal with any issues promptly.

In terms of use it is similar to any other cell phone monitoring application in which it must first be installed onto the target smart phone before any surveillance could begin. Once started it will start to log various communications and then pass off the information to the actual user. This is typically to an online secure server in which the software owner will use a special security code to view his profile. From there he or she would be able to access the information and deal with the situation accordingly.

Everything will be done in stealth which means no one will have a clue that he or she is being monitored unless you told them. Also, you will not be only be able to intercept Whatsapp conversations but other transmissions. Common functions included are call logging, gps tracking, picture logging etc. The idea is that you can utilize the various functions together to get a true assessment of the situation.

Could you recommend a good Whatsapp interceptor program?

Well presently, there are only two apps which you should look at to monitor this type of communication. Their names are Mobile spy and Flexispy Omni respectively. In terms of their differences it does not lie in their abilities to spy on Whatsapp messenger because both actually do a great job. It really comes down to their other features in which Mobile spy has more however, Flexispy omni does come with the ability to tap the cell phone which is considered one of the most sought after capabilities in this industry

mobile spy

Mobile spy and its competitor has been ruling the cell phone spy industry for sometime now. Besides the difference in capabilities the one thing which makes the difference is the price tag. This program starts at $49.97USD for a subscription which is reasonable in the cell phone surveillance industry. In addition you would be able to do other things such as monitor text messages, facebook messenger, imessage, call history, websites visited and more.

For more information on Mobile spy visit:

flexispy omni

In the case of Flexispy Omni it is definitely a bit more expensive but it is worth it for sure. This is especially when you take into consideration that you would be able to listen in on cell phone conversations with this program. It still carries other basic features similar to Mobile spy such as text message monitoring, call history logging and website tracking etc. In terms of innovation, documentation and support there is no other vendor which comes close to it. This is why it is considered one of the top apps in its market right now.

For more information on this Whatsapp interceptor visit:

Cell phone parental controls – Learn about your best options when it comes to parental controls for mobile phones

By , August 28, 2011 7:32 am

mobile phone parental control softwareCell phone parental control software such as Phonesheriff is slowly making its way into our everyday life. This type of software is used to both monitor and control (restrict) communications in our child’s mobile phone today. It is fact that mobile phones are becoming more popular with the younger generation especially teenagers. Actually it is one of the preferred choices in communication; therefore you can get a true idea of your child’s behavior and the type of friends they keep by seeing their phone activities. Periodically checking there phone can help however, there is one problem with that and that is your child would probably delete all the evidence before you can read or view it. Therefore to stay one step ahead you need to be able to capture this information even if it is deleted. This is where cell phone parental control software comes into play. It does not matter if the information is deleted or not because your records will be stored separately. You can think of these types of apps as an extra arm and eye in your child’s life when you are not around.

Mobile phone parental control software like any other tool is only as powerful as how you use it. There are some applications to this software which you are aware of and some which you might not have thought of. This section is meant to open your eyes to the various ways you can use cell phone parental control software to keep your child safe.  Below is the list of applications for this type of software based on the features offered by Phone sheriff (recommended software):

  • The ability to know your child’s location at all times: Many cell phones today come with a gps tracker which allows anyone to know their location. A cell phone user can easily check their own location through applications such as google maps. It will bring up all the information of the area including the street address etc and this is pretty cool. Mobile parental control apps takes this a step further by copying these coordinates and sending them to you as a parent. This means you will be able to bring up the same information as the user of the phone and determine where your child is at all times.
  • Monitor your child communications: Keeping a watchful eye on your children’s communication is important for determining what is going on in their lives. Face it your child would not say certain things in front of you. That will be reserved for friends and other people in the form of quick text messages and calls. By monitoring your child’s communications you will really get to know who is a positive influence or bad influences to your child. You can weed them out one by one to keep him or her on the right track but you first need to know who is good and who is bad.
  • Control of who communicate with your child: If you realize certain friends are bad influences then you have the option to block all communications from that particular phone number. Therefore no more text messaging or calls to and from each other.
  • Filter websites your teen can view: Similar to computer parental control software you can block your child from viewing certain websites which you do not approve of. You need to remember that the internet can also be viewed anywhere now. Therefore you still need to keep those filters on to protect them.
  • Lock the cell phone at anytime: This ability allows you to lock the mobile phone from use instantaneously or during particular time intervals. For example if you want no phone calls to your child after a certain time then no problem you can lock it from use at that particular time until morning. Another instance may be during school time. You may not want them communicating during school hours so you can specify that time as well. This is all possible if your cell phone parental control software comes with the capability.

Phone parental control wrap up

In all, as a parent you need as much power and information about your child’s activities in order to make good decisions. Any form of parental control do help. Do not underestimate the value of going that extra mile because it will pay back in the years to come. Children are not born wayward but they are susceptible to negative influences. Anything which can give you an edge is always welcomed.

If you are interested in purchasing parental controls for a cell phone then try Phone Sheriff. It is currently the most popular apps in this market today. For more information on this product if you

Monitoring text messages | How to monitor text messages of someone secretly

By , August 10, 2011 3:42 pm

monitor sms messagesMonitoring text messages of any mobile is easy once you have the right sms spy app. These apps allow you to read the contents of the sms correspondence without the user of the mobile knowledge. You are also provided with additional information such as the times, date and the number of the cell phone who sent or received the message. You will be surprised at the things you could learn by what is written in these communications. Therefore when you monitor text messages you will be able to know if your partner is cheating, employee is robbing you blind or children is doing the wrong things. Let’s face it 90% of the time you will not get the truth when you confront someone. This is because they do not want to deal with the repercussions of you knowing what is really going on. For example, a husband who is having an affair will not want a divorce so why say something which would him in that situation?

How do text message monitoring software works?

Everything starts with registering for the particular app you have chosen. After that you need to set up a web profile in which all of the information gathered from monitoring that particular cell phone is sent to you. Therefore, to read the sms messages you will have to log on to your profile using your specific user name and password. After the registration is completed then it is to the next step. This involves installing the app on the mobile.

It is not difficult actually it will take a few minutes. It is like installing any other program on the phone. After the completion of the setup you will be able to monitor text messages and other forms of communications which the program offer. You just need to go to the website for the results.

What software should I use?

Currently Mobile spy is one of the best apps out there to monitor someone’s text messages secretly. You will also get additional features with this app such as whatsapp spying, facebook chat surveillance, cell phone gps tracking, call logging, email interception, surroundings listening and more. One of the best parts about purchasing Mobile spy software however; lies in the fact that it can be installed onto three separate smart phones with just one purchase. This makes it perfect for families or organisations which need a feature rich sms spy at a good price.

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Child cell phone monitoring | How to monitor your teen cell phone

By , July 26, 2011 4:54 am

child monitoring softwareMonitoring your child’s cell phone is a good way to find out what is really going on with them. It may seem like you are going too far in terms of prying however that is sometimes what you need to do as a good parent. The consequences are too great to let it be left to chance especially where drugs and teen pregnancy is concerned. As a parent you will need as much help as you can get. It is definitely nothing wrong if you decide to monitor your child’s cell phone activities in order to stay abreast with what is happening in their lives. You will be glad that you actually did especially if it proved useful to you.

How do I get started monitoring my kid’s mobile phone?

In order to begin your cell phone surveillance you need to purchase special phone parental monitoring software. These applications when installed onto a mobile will allow you to see every single activity which occurs. This includes the ability to spy on text messages; monitor Blackberry messenger communications; track the mobile phone and more. Literally anything you can think about these special applications can do. It is up to you how far you would like to pry. You may just want something simple to read their text messages or you may want to listen into their cell phone conversations.

As a parent you need to decide on how far you would like to go but try not to let money be an issue. This is because at the end of the day a few extra bucks will pay for itself in the long run.

What are my choices in apps to monitor my child’s cell phone?

Well in terms of power and affordability nothing really can beat Phonesheriff. It is actually the most powerful cell phone parental control app on the market. It works with virtually any cell phone you can think about including Blackberry, Symbian and Android to name a few. It features includes text message spying, cell phone tracking, call filtering, text message, call filtering and more. Therefore you will be able to monitor your child’s cell phone and also put some parental potection on it as well. You get quite a bit and it is for just under 90 bucks. (Please check our special promotion and pay less that 70 bucks)

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