How to track your kids’ cell phone to know where they are at all times?

By , May 18, 2011 8:17 am

track kids cell phone

Tracking kids cell phones is easy now thanks to two technologies. The first one is the gps chip, this is embedded in most modern cell phones and when combined with software like google maps allow you to view your exact location down to a few feet. For those who may get lost in the big city this is surely a blessing because you can locate where you are and also where you need to go. The second technology is cell phone parental controls which actually captures communications sent and received by the phone. It can help you to track your kids’ cell phone location by sending you the same gps coordinates that you would use to determine your location.

The only difference will be is that your child won’t know that their location is secretly being sent to you and tracked. By exporting the coordinates to a child gps locator app you will in turn know where they are within a matter of feet. Therefore if your teen or child is somewhere they aren’t supposed to be you can take action immediately.

What do I need to get started tracking my child cell phone?

The key is a cell phone with a built in gps locator and also a good cell phone surveillance app. It is simple as that. If you need to acquire an app then phone sheriff is definitely for you. It won’t only allow you to track your kids cell phone location but much more. This software is actually one of the most powerful parental control apps on the market today.

Therefore you will be allowed to monitor your kids’ text messages (whether deleted or not), phone calls dialed and received, phone book details, pictures and videos taken, websites visited, calendar events and more. This software also allow you to control your child activities by blocking certain people from calling or texting them. You could even turn off the phone remotely or during certain time intervals. Therefore instead of only being able to track kids cell phone you will have a complete monitoring and parental controls app.

Phone Sheriff’s cost and information?

Phone Sheriff costs just under $90 USD for a subscription (check our special promotion on the right for a deal). It works on virtually any cell phone including Blackberry, iphone, Symbian, Android and Windows mobile. Therefore you are usually covered when it comes to your child changing cell phones from one type to another. The key thing is that it provides you with enough information to know what is going on with your child so you can envisage what is going on in their lives. If they are going down the wrong path it will be much easier to correct things.

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