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Free text message spy software

By , May 3, 2011 1:44 am

Free text message spy software is only available in the form of free trials. However many apps which allow you to spy on cell phones do not allow you to do it for free. This is because you may acquire all the information you require within the trial period and therefore will not have any need to actually purchase the product which is being sold. For example let’s say you wanted to know if he or she is cheating. You would install the software to begin monitoring your love one’s phone. Imagine you got the real scoop within days or better hours within the trial period. Once you have gotten the answers to the questions you require you will no longer need to purchase their product therefore many of these cell phone spy software companies do not allow it.

However there are companies like Retina X which allow you to spy on text messages for free. If you were to decide that you do not want to purchase the product that is ok. It was with no obligation in the first place so as a result you will end up on top. If you decide later you need to purchase this application because you would like to continuously keep an eye on the person you can simply buy the product. Currently there are two software products which offer this trial which are Phone sheriff and Mobile spy.

Phonesheriff is a small compact text message spy app which is mainly used for monitoring teenager and employee mobile phone. Mobile spy which is the big brother is used mainly by people who would like to catch a cheating spouse or key an eye on their employee. Mobile spy also gives you Sniperspy absolutely free with their one year subscription. Sniper spy is a tool for monitoring computers remotely and can give information such as the person’s password etc. Therefore you will not be only spying on that person’s cell phone but their computer as well. Therefore you will be more certain to get the results you are looking for.

For more information on Phone sheriff and its free trial:

For more information on mobile spy and its free trial:

Also remember that although this software offer you a free text message spy it does not end there. You can also track the person location, see who is calling them and much more.

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