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PhoneSheriff Review | 25% discount coupon Available

By , May 26, 2011 9:54 am

phonesheriff boxPhonesheriff is the last cell phone monitoring software created by Retina X studios (the creators of Mobile spy). This cell phone spy app is very similar to Mobile spy however it is specifically tailored for monitoring your children, spouse and also your employees. Are you concerned that your child is getting into activities such as sexting (sending sexual explicit text messages, photos or videos), skipping school or talking to the wrong people. If he or she has a mobile then Phonesheriff maybe right for you. This is because you can effectively curb undesirable behavior or activities of your children and teens by keeping abreast of their mobile phone activities. When used for this purpose people typically refer to it as a cell phone parental control app.

Another scenario in which this application can be used is inside your business. Do you suspect your employee is abusing his or her mobile privileges or maybe he or she being involved in co corporate espionage? If this is the case then installing a good mobile phone keylogger will let you know exactly what is going on. If you take the time to review this page you will start to see the benefits of PhoneSheriff. There is also a 25%discount we are offering which you will be able to take advantage of by visiting our coupon page .

PhoneSherriff Reviews- Cell phone parental controls and monitoring

If you are unfamiliar with this type of technology then let’s bring you up to scratch. A cell phone monitor is an application which is installed onto a cellular for the sole purpose of secretly spying on that phone’s activities. Some of the typical features of this type of service are sms interception (you will see all text messages sent and received), call logging and also gps tracking (you will be provided with a map of the exact location of the phone). Therefore, by using these features you will no longer have a reason to secretly look through the person’s phone for incriminating evidence. You can sit back and play dumb while everything plays out as Phonesheriff keeps an eye on the phone for you. When you need to know what is going on you could just log on to your account via the web and all the information will be there at your disposal.

As you can imagine the primary focus of the majority of mobile phone monitoring applications is surveillance. However, since Phonesheriff is also a cell phone parental control app, it goes a bit further in which you can actually control the phone being monitored. For example you can block the mobile from dialing and receiving calls of certain numbers and much more. Therefore if you do not want your teenager communicating with that dead beat boyfriend you can at least stop it via this form of communication.

What are the features you will be getting with Phone Sheriff?

Below is a brief description of all the key features of this mobile phone keylogger:

  • Communication Logging: This function includes the ability to spy on all sms messages content; all calls dialed and received as well urls (web pages) visited.
  • Personal data logging: All photos taken and also contacts added will be logged whether there are removed from the cell phone subsequently. This is one of the major forms of cell phone parental control especially if you would like to cut out sexting.
  • PhoneSheriff’s gps tracking: Now you can know the exact location of the phone via GPS (global positioning) tracking. When you log onto Phonesheriff and request the particular cell phone’s position you will receive a map of the area and a marker telling you exactly which part it is.¬† Now if your child, spouse or employee is somewhere they are not suppose to be, you will know. The only thing you need to ensure is that the phone is GPS enabled.
  • Mobile parental controls: PhoneSheriff allows you to be able to filter and block any text messages or calls from a particular number. You can also lock this mobile if desired remotely and subsequently if this phone is stolen you can also receive information detailing the new sim card.

As you may realize it is a lot of bang for buck when compared to other services which will cost you over $100.00USD per year. For just $66.75USD (with our special discount offer on the right) it will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on the circumstance you are dealing with. Also you need to be aware that Phonesheriff now offers tablet monitoring capabilities which is excellent for those children walking around with tablet computers.

For more detailed information about Phone Sheriff please

How does Phonesheriff work?

By , April 28, 2011 11:40 pm

Let’s discuss a little about how Phonesheriff works. In other articles on this website you would have been given a general idea or bits and pieces of how the system works. In this article we will attempt to tie up any loose ends by dealing with the whole concept of using this product. This will be from when you purchase the cell phone monitoring software until you are fully utilizing its features like a pro. Don’t worry this mobile phone spy is very easy to work with and the instructions are straight forward. You do not need to be a techie to get it working and if you have any questions and queries give customer service a call. ( for the customer support number and additional information)

Everything begins with you deciding to use this software (whether for cell phone parental control or otherwise) and then initiating to purchase it from online. After you have made the purchase you will be sent an email with the confirmation of your order and complete details on how to go about installing and setting up this spy app. The first part will be creating a user account on the Phonesheriff’s web site and password. This will allow you to get into a control panel in which all of your information and details will be stored. After you set up the account the next step to get Phone sheriff working is to install this application onto the mobile you are targeting.

By following the instructions included in your email about the particular phone you will have it downloaded in no time. Once it is downloaded then you will need to run the setup file and configure it appropriately. This is nothing difficult just the password settings, account settings and any restrictions you will like on that particular mobile etc. After this is completed the only thing needed is for you to select the option to hide the interface and that is it. The only evidence that will remain is the Phone sheriff  icon and you will delete that.


cell phone spy software


Now you are ready to start monitoring your employee or child or teen cell phone activity. If you take a look at the diagram above you will have a better grasp of how this cell phone spy application works. It remains hidden in the background continuously monitoring the mobile phone.

Information is gathered and sent via the internet to the Phonesheriff’s web server. You now as the parent, spouse or employer will log onto your account and you will see all the activity presented to you. Every type of activity is separated into a different category for ease of use. It can’t get much simpler. If you are interested in testing this app out then you should take a look at our free trial offer. It is for a limited time so hurry before it is gone

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