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Whatsapp interceptor software – How you can easily intercept Whatsapp coversations?

By , April 9, 2012 6:04 pm

whatsapp spy software

Intercepting Whatsapp messenger conversations from a mobile phone is not that difficult at all once you have the right app for the job. Child cell phone monitoring technology is rapidly changing as the market does and since this messenger service is becoming so popular it make sense to give parents the ability to spy on the Whatsapp chat of their kids. Before, monitoring their text messages and bbm would be sufficient. However, that is not in all cases presently. This is why more parents are utilizing Whatsapp interceptor technology as a means of tracking their children’s conversations. In that way the adult would know what is occurring and could easily deal with any issues promptly.

In terms of use it is similar to any other cell phone monitoring application in which it must first be installed onto the target smart phone before any surveillance could begin. Once started it will start to log various communications and then pass off the information to the actual user. This is typically to an online secure server in which the software owner will use a special security code to view his profile. From there he or she would be able to access the information and deal with the situation accordingly.

Everything will be done in stealth which means no one will have a clue that he or she is being monitored unless you told them. Also, you will not be only be able to intercept Whatsapp conversations but other transmissions. Common functions included are call logging, gps tracking, picture logging etc. The idea is that you can utilize the various functions together to get a true assessment of the situation.

Could you recommend a good Whatsapp interceptor program?

Well presently, there are only two apps which you should look at to monitor this type of communication. Their names are Mobile spy and Flexispy Omni respectively. In terms of their differences it does not lie in their abilities to spy on Whatsapp messenger because both actually do a great job. It really comes down to their other features in which Mobile spy has more however, Flexispy omni does come with the ability to tap the cell phone which is considered one of the most sought after capabilities in this industry

mobile spy

Mobile spy and its competitor has been ruling the cell phone spy industry for sometime now. Besides the difference in capabilities the one thing which makes the difference is the price tag. This program starts at $49.97USD for a subscription which is reasonable in the cell phone surveillance industry. In addition you would be able to do other things such as monitor text messages, facebook messenger, imessage, call history, websites visited and more.

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flexispy omni

In the case of Flexispy Omni it is definitely a bit more expensive but it is worth it for sure. This is especially when you take into consideration that you would be able to listen in on cell phone conversations with this program. It still carries other basic features similar to Mobile spy such as text message monitoring, call history logging and website tracking etc. In terms of innovation, documentation and support there is no other vendor which comes close to it. This is why it is considered one of the top apps in its market right now.

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